The D-Tech team joins the development of the Internet of Things!

At the beginning of 2020, the number of IoT gadgets connected to cellular networks reached 26.6 billion, and the global IoT market is about to reach $ 318 billion as early as 2023.

We are glad to inform our partners that we are already developing platforms for housing automation for several months. However, our capabilities are not limited to this. The goal of D-Tech for the next few years is to create energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and maximally protected public spaces, which, subsequently, will become part of smart cities.

If you are a vendor or a supplier of IoT equipment, which primarily values ​​data security and energy efficiency of the entire system, our automation solutions are what you are seeking.

We cover all components of IoT architecture.

If you need an IoT application, drop a line to D-Tech, and you won’t have to turn to yet another vendor. We have experience in working with all components of an IoT application architecture.

We use modular, inheritably scalable IoT architecture. It provides fast scale-up thus allowing for adding new functional modules. Thus it expands the functionality to new device models with reasonable effort.

● Embedded software for endpoint IoT devices

Our software engineers have experience in creating software integrated with endpoint IoT devices. The software we create efficiently handles streams of sensor data. As a result, it works correctly in various environments.

● Embedded software for IoT gateways

Our engineers create lightweight yet robust embedded software. Our products are adapted to the limited computing resources of IoT gateways.

● Streaming data processors

We use proven frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Amazon Kinesis Streams. We power your IoT solution with an event stream processing engine. As a result, they carry out real-time data analytics.

● A big data warehouse

At the data lake and a big data warehouse design stage, we consider your requirements to the IoT app. We choose technologies and configurations allowing achieving optimal capabilities for a moderate price. Thus we reach an optimal balance between the functionality, performance, and costs.

● Machine learning

Our data science engineers have vast experience in implementing well-performing machine learning-driven applications. They can extend the functions of your IoT solution. A built-in predictive and prescriptive analytics is not the only extension.

● Control applications

Our software engineers design and install control applications. They are capable of automatically triggering alerts and smart devices’ actions. It is possible because they execute the code without human intervention.

● User applications

Our software engineers create easy-to-use, high-performing web, and mobile apps. Our products enable IoT application users to smoothly access the analysis' results. They also provide for handy remote management of smart products and systems.

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