About us 02

Who we are?

The D-tech company is a start-up on the market of backend systems development with the focus on billing systems and automating marketing and e-commerce. Its main line of business is designing and implementing client-specific B2B solutions when working under contracts as well as leasing out the software under the Software as a Service (SaaS) creation of automated billing systems, analytical tools, and digital fraud prevention products for online and offline trade.

What are the automated
billing systems?

Automated billing systems are something that modern companies want to have up and running in the first place. The skyrocketing popularity of these systems is due to their ability to track user activity, to keep a history of operations, to enable the registration and the transfer of user data to another device and much more. New systems will be developed mostly on the basis of the products previously created by one of the D-tech founders as well as through introducing advanced AI-powered solutions, such as product recommendation engines, fraud detection in payment streams etc. By setting up payment processing gates, tracking the telemetry from various sensors or producing custom mechanics for marketing loyalty programs, we will make our clients’ companies more competitive and profitable.

Who are our
potential clients?

Any companies that have a lot of data and need to process it in an intelligent way in order to increase sales or to get useful optimization insights. Here, we are talking, first of all, about modern online marketplaces, off-line fuel stations, digital cinema ticketing applications, online taxi services, and mobile banking applications, not forgetting home automation services which allow making our houses ‘smart’. For them, D-Tech will not only design and implement solutions to improve online trade KPIs but is also going to solve any issues its customers may have with backend systems by providing extended technical support and consulting services to the developers of client companies and jointly performing integration works.

Solutions 03

An automated billing system represents a combination of software and hardware which receives notifications and alerts on service usage, groups this information by user account or customer, produces respective invoices, generates management reports, and posts (records) payments made to a specific account.

Based on the automation software, the system incorporates a set of payment systems, domain registrars, and control panels which allow companies to function automatically. Different types of businesses — from manufacturers and financial institutions to healthcare and transportation service providers — are now benefiting from advanced technology functionalities, thus making their cash flow generation easy to control and hassle-free.

What does
D-tech offer?

D-tech is a reputed development contractor for conceptualizing and implementing automated billing systems for different transaction processing companies. The design stage is usually preceded by a thorough analysis and evaluation of vexisting business processes of our clients which enables our team of experts to produce a tailor-made solution taking into account all the company specifics and requirements to the future billing system.

The end purpose of our ooperation with different types of businesses is to facilitate billing and invoice paying by making available automated solutions which streamline the whole process resulting in considerable money savings.

We guarantee that every product developed by us will offer the following basic set of features: 04

Consolidated Invoicing

We will design together with you the consolidated custom invoices which enable to view detailed breakdowns by consumption, advertising segment as well as service level groupings for each website, office, cost center, and even product type.

Data Processing

Load raw data from multiple sources and in different formats, and let the system accurately manage ratings and evaluations before and after the publication, which are applicable to your services and products.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor the status and the completion of billing runs as well as generate reports based on the location, services, and variations in a format which meets the needs of your financial department in the best possible way.

Billing Partner

In our role of your partner for issuing bills, we will continuously support the growing demands of your business, including the implementation of nhancements and the update of previously created interfaces as necessary.

Payment Gateways

Process online transactions smoothly by means of customized web services which are directly linked to available payment gateway providers.

We strive to facilitate the maximization of revenues and an increase in the brand value for small and large businesses by utilizing the best Information Technology products and practices. Our task is to provide them with the optimal services which would cover all their needs and create new opportunities for our ustomers who take advantage of the cooperation with us.

Our teams of developers are able to act as an extension to your existing organizational structure and can help increase your revenue in the following ways: 05

Rating, Tariffing, and Discounting

You just need to specify how you want the rating, tariffing and discounting to function, and we will build in the algorithms to exactly suit your customer segments or configured settings.

Invoice Generation and Distribution

Feed your billing data to us, and it will be our responsibility to produce accurate ‘ready to be paid’ invoices with all necessary details and summaries. We will also undertake the distribution of these invoices.

Payment Processing

Leave the payment processing in our capable hands, and we will make sure that your customers pay their invoices seamlessly by using branded customer-facing portals that feature any options, information, and payment history they may require.

Carrier / Supplier Reconciliation

We will perform a background reconciliation of the rates applied by a service provider/product supplier to ensure that they charge you according to agreed transaction models and that you are not losing any money due to incorrect invoicing.

News 06

The D-Tech team joins the development of the Internet of Things!

We are glad to inform our partners that we are already developing platforms for housing automation for several months. If you are a vendor or a supplier of IoT equipment, which primarily values ​​data security and energy efficiency of the...

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D-Tech is open for cooperation with integrator companies

The world of the future cannot exist without collaboration. So we always seek opportunities to match our resources with partners. We are keen on creating cohesive ecosystems. The cooperation of the IoT solutions provider and the integrator partner is efficient. It allows us to solve...

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Why D-Tech? 07

Our founders participated in a variety of different projects, from the development of custom loyalty solutions for a small network of Fuel Stations in Texas (USA) to the creation of the software for huge payment kiosk networks in Russia, Ukraine, and several smaller countries.

Only after standing a 200-hour stress test and provided its 100% availability and updates, each product is released by us. This spectacular result is achieved thanks to the efforts of our team of over 20 highly qualified and extremely motivated specialists in the field of Information Technologies. These people are real enthusiasts and perfectionists in everything they do!

Prior to distributing a product update to all our customers, we put it to the thorough test for over 300 hours by 10 specialists in diverse fields.
The test parameters include:

Stability of the software product

Testing under the circumstances of a modeled sudden change in temperature

Transaction security level

Simulation of various fault conditions (over 15 situations in total)

Data exchange speed between servers

Response time measurement

Performance of systems under different loads

Despite the fact that we are based in the Republic of Georgia and de jure, we are not a European company, we try to implement the GDPR principles in the systems we construct. Nearly all the systems created by us comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and can be used by people located in the countries of the European Union.

Each of the 7 principles established by GDPR has an implication for designing software systems, and a software development company must ensure scalability and constant compliance of its products in terms of:

  • Legality, fairness, and transparency
  • Purpose-limited use
  • Limitation of the data collection to the purpose-specific minimum
  • Accuracy of personal data
  • Limitation of the data storage period
  • Personal data integrity and security
  • Data controllers’ accountability

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Legal address:

D-Tech LLC,
0160, Georgia,
City Tbilisi
Saburtalo District
29A Vazha-Pshavela ave.

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